10 Top Mercedes-Benz AMG Features


What Shelby would be to the Ford Mustang, AMG is to Mercedes-Benz. And while the German automaker has a long history of auto racing, the factory-backed AMG tuner was established below 50 years ago. The AMG insignia signifies the last names of the two founders, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, paired with the German community where it all began: GroBaspach.

Founded about the simple premise of improving the performance of existing Mercedes’ models, AMG has become the premier moniker for the range of coupes, SUVs, sedans and extreme supercars produced by the brand. The inspiration that led Aufrecht and Melcher has driven other tuners to further improve upon the power, luxury and performance of AMG models. Modification breeds more modification and that is seen within this latest list feature.

Based on web-popularity, we made a top 10 of favorite Mercedes-Benz AMG builds with one wild card rounding off the list. Let us know whenever we have missed any below in the comments section. The numbers don’t mean much in writing, but in action they’re enough to launch the Benz to 60mph in 2.8sec, by having an absurd sprint from 60-130mph in 5.98sec…Before forcing nitrous down its throat, the C63 made 530whp and 505 lb-ft on pump gas…With a 200-shot installed, the crimson sedan put down a solid 700whp and a massive 730 lb-ft.

Why we love it: The builder set out to create a unique car that mightA Brand New Dimension

Article excerpt: On your way, the SLS 750 AMG is transformed, the supercharger’s seamless delivery boosting the feel of bottom end strength…The Weistec CMDP system, which is the subject of a Weistec patent, neatly achieves a change in supercharger gearing, and therefore boost pressure, through a change of its cog pulleys.

Why we love it: When you say that’s not enough, most people would take a look at you as if you were crazy.”, Once you add more ability to an already impressive package you get 571hp packed under the long bonnet of the SLS AMG”