Buying a Used Car? Follow These Tips To Make Sure You Get a Good Deal

Many people just can’t afford the price tag on a brand new car (even with the great deals at San Bernardino Nissan), which means that they have to turn to the pre-owned car market when they need to change their set of wheels. Actually, they’ve got some great pre-owned cars there too, check them out at Anyway, that aside, here are a few tips which can help to ensure that you get a good deal.


Test Driving
You should never buy a used car without going on a test drive, but don’t think that a quick up and down the street will be plenty because it won’t. Take the car onto both local roads and a few highways to see how it feels and handles in different situations. The local roads will help you to know how the car responds at lower speeds with shifts and sharp turns, brakes etc. and taking it for a run on the highway will give you some indication of handling at higher speeds. Pay close attention to any unusual sounds coming from the engine or the bodywork.
Leak Testing
Cars which have pools of leaked fluid beneath them are giving you a red flag that repairs are needed and should be avoided. Remember to pull up onto a clean piece of road when you go for the test drive, sit for a minute or so and then move away to see if anything has leaked out. Black puddles could indicate an oil leak, green puddles could be something like anti-freeze and pink fluid could mean that the transmission is leaking.


Remember to do a little bit of research on the make and model of car you are interested in. The internet is a terrific source of information and you will be able to learn about any common problems and defects on particular makes and models of car. You should also be able to have a good indication of whether the asking price is fair or whether you will be paying too much for the car which will affect its re-sale value down the road.
Mechanical Inspection
Unless you are a qualified mechanic yourself (and if so, why are you reading this?) you should take a car for a mechanical inspection before agreeing to any purchase. The relatively minor cost of this inspection can save you lots of money in the future.
Take Your Time
Don’t jump in too quickly to make any purchase, and this is particularly true when you are buying a used car. If you run to buy you will stand to sell, isn’t that what they say? Make sure that you’ve done lots of research and homework about negotiate the best price you possibly can to make sure that you get a great deal.


History Report
Check the history report of the vehicle, this could reveal any potential problems and queries in its past. The history report will show you if there are any title problems, service points or whether the car has been involved in any previous accidents.
The Aesthetics
At the end of the day, no matter how good a deal you must be completely happy and comfortable with the car. The condition of a car both on the inside and the outside can make a huge difference to the value as well as the way you “”feel”” about the car. Although you may be happy to pay a little less for a car with a fender bender, lots of dirt and rust can indicate problems in the future.