1980 BMW 316 – Kevve Raekelboom


In 1975, BMW introduced what could eventually become one of the most iconic sports sedans ever – the 3 Series. With the E21 (talking about its chassis code), BMW created a worthy successor to theis in fact eight years older than he or she is – a 1980 BMW 316. The professional photographer from Belgium, who took these photos and many others on our website, purchased the auto in 2010. Following a particularly inspiring trip to SEMA in Vegas, he began working on what could be one of several cleanest E21s we’ve seen.

Perhaps most impressive about Kevve’s creation is it’s custom AccuAir air suspension setup, which had been built and installed having an E30 as the 3D blueprint by Kean Suspensions.

If they rolled off the factory assembly line, dean Upholstery took around the interior, perfectly matching Kevve’s aftermarket Bride seats to appear as.he aims to keep in pristine condition. The Belgian country roads are apparently less stretched-tire friendly as he hoped. We were, however, impressed to listen to that in 2011, Kevve drove the car 795 miles to Worthersee in Austria without the issues!

The supreme goal for the E21 is a trip to SEMA to let his creation shine under the lights on the famous Las Vegas Strip. His plans include swapping in a built motor and modifying the rear fenders to supportunder, skirts and panelsis a motor swap


custom carbon-fiber dash, leather Bride seats with carbon backs, Sparco harnesses


Concept 983 club, Kean Suspensions, Dieter

Chevrolet Valencia

Best Ways to Road Trip Around the Country Easily and Cheaply

One of the American dreams is to hit the dusty highways and get to know this little plot of Earth we call “home.” Most Americans have visited alarmingly little of this country and that’s too bad: there’s so much to see and so much to do, so many little nuances of this land that every American should expose himself and herself too before it’s too late. And we’re not talking about one of those retirement bus trips where you get on board and see the country though the bus windows and as a horde of sheep being shepherded by border collies through the gift shop. No – it’s time to take to the highways and see the country. Here are some tips to doing this.

Couch Surfing


Any fool can roll into a township and find a motel or even a B&B. You may think you’re saving money and maintaining comfort, but one of the best ways to see the land is to make friends with people who actually live there. If you use a crowd sourcing lodging site like Couch Surfing, or do an Air B&B where the residents are resident, then you’ll have a chance to make actual personal connections with the people in the town you happen to be in. At the very least you can talk to someone local, and at best you can have a new friend to show you all the spots that are actually worth seeing as opposed to what some website tells you.

Get a Comfortable Road Tested Car


Your means of road tripping is of the utmost importance too. You don’t want to be in something that has a chance of breaking down, so if you need a new car, go ahead and get yourself one before the big road trip. At a place like Valencia Nissan you can get a good used car or even a great deal on a brand new car. We recommend getting something low miles that is a few model years old so you’ll know it’s ready to hit the pavement. Make sure it has nice and cold A/C for that long run across the 10 in New Mexico and Arizona! Look at the road tripping options you have here at www.downtownnissan.com.

Always Bring Snacks and Water


Something that adds up quick is stopping a few times a day for snacks and water. You’ll want to get a nice water bottle that you can reuse and fill it up at the soda fountains across the land. Most rest stops have a soda fountain with the water tab, and if you’re in a place that doesn’t have that, most Subways actually have that feature. And snacks add up too, so don’t miss the opportunity to go to a CostCo or store like that and stock up on all the trail mixes and beef jerky you’ll need for those final hours of the long haul. Nothing makes a long haul longer quite like stopping for a snack every hour or so.

Top 10 Nissan Skyline GT-R Features


The Nissan Skyline is one of the most well-known and desired cars to ever emerge from the land of the rising sun. May it be the inline-six RB26 or perhaps the VR38 V6, tuners all over the world are still choosing the GT-R as his or her vehicle for time attacks, drag racing, and other competitive motorsports. Just recently the AMS Alpha Omega R35 had become the first GT-R to break into the 7s in the quarter mile.

With a nickname like Godzilla, the Nissan Skyline GT-R rivals supercars many times its cost. Its emblem serves as a badge of honor that carries rich racing heritage. With that in mind we put together a topSoon after purchasing the car, he stripped it down completely to distinguish-weld the chassis, opting to not run a ‘cage. The lack of a roll cage in a build of this caliber may seem odd, however you notice such a minimalist approach using this car in its entirety.””

Why we love it: “”You gotta love Takaku’s minimalist approach. He kept all of his interior panels intact with no roll cage, but still launched a serious track contender.””to seize Third Place in the all-wheel-drive class in the Option Speed Max time-attack event using a best lap of 1’46″”484.””

Why we love it: “”With 850 horsepower this yellow Skyline floats similar to a stings and butterflywith a Nismo short block, with NRS boring it out to 87mm, creating a final displacement of 2.66 liters. With 2.7-, 2.8-, and also 3.-liter versions of bored stroker kits available, we asked why Morita didn’t take advantage of them. The Osaka native explained that he wanted a car that achieved balance.””””

Why we love it: “”””This R32 strays away from the typical cookie cutter weight reducing techniques and uses ballstic-grade Kevlar as opposed to carbon fiber. The material is roughly $50 per square foot. Consider its frontbumper and fender, side skirts, diffuser, grille and hood and GT wing are made fromor even a dust-covered garage queen.””

“”A complete-fledged tuning shop must take into account the affect one modification has got to another no matter how trivial or unrelated they can seem. The perfect example is once a car is modified to accelerate quicker, it ought to be counteracted with an approach to have the car decelerate equivalently-unless it’s a drag machine packing a chute in the rear.””

Why we love it: A GT-R with a Nismo Z-Tune aero package is straight flexin.””, although “”A Nissan Skyline GT-R is one thing””Made from 1995-1998, the R33 chassis-coded Nissan Skyline GT-R was actually a technological marvel. Packed with a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine capable of pushing quad-digit horsepower numbers, the R33 also brought the ATTESA-ETS all-wheel-drive system and Super HICAS four-wheel steering.””

“”””Rated for 1,000PS of total output, the T51R turbo will be the ticket that Lai punched to enter the industry of 709 wheel hp.””””

Why we love it: “”A legal Skyline in the Usa is pretty rare. Wen Lai managed to acquire a Nissan R33 imported and makeThe truth is, running in close proximity to 700 hp, the Skyline GT-R has never been as easy to tune as today, as part development continues at what appears like an unseen rate.

“”And let’s discuss its performance on those Japanese open highways Kitabayashi-san referred to. He confirms this R34 has seen at the very least 340 km/h out there-just over 211 mph.””

Why we love it: “” While we don’t advocate street racing, a 211mph run using the Wangan (Japan’s Bayshore Route) is fairlyone thousand awhp. You realize, like a boss would. Achieving that horsepower number required taking the already amazingly engineered VR38DETTs to your whole other level entirely.””

“”Greddy TD06 turbochargers were modified to circulate in the one thousand-plus all-wheel horsepower range without having to sacrifice response.””

Why we love it: “”SP Engineering did a fantastic job building this GT-R with a sexy Tommy Kaira Ebrezza-R Aero Kit combined with Top Secret Gold paint. It’s not simply a pretty looking GT-R, underneath thea lovely wet carbon Black Bison body kit by Wald was chosen to grace the exterior.””

“”A rough estimate on value of each car would be about $250,000. Yes, each. That’s half a million dollars in one order. Like a boss.””

Why we like it: “”Another GT-R out of the two featured has the equivalent amount of mods, but rocks a Wald Black Bison body kit, which easily runs around $12,500. Let that sink in. Just for the kit alone. That doesn’t include paint or installation. What’s the costtoo quickly!

Article excerpt: “”This is the car that legends are made of. It is quite possibly the most viewed Japanese car online and the no-brainer choice on Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. It’s a record holder in a country full of record breakers. This is basically the Mine’s R34 Skyline GT-R.””

“”At full boil, the R34 sounds menacing. But it really doesn’t sound irritating. That’s because Mine’s makes a problem of building cars that are genuinely streetable.””

Why we love it: “”The Mine’s R34 really needs no introduction. Hardly any cars can certainly make drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya utter ‘It’s too fast! ‘ But this kind of car managed to do so. As opposed to big horsepower numbers, Mine’s focused on engine response. But the interior is street friendly; no jungle gym roll cage, no racing bucket seats. It’s quite possibly the greatestalong with a need to make an announcement in the aftermarket-tuning world that he or she loves a whole lot.””

“”It took years of work, but it wasn’t only the rear-wheel-drive transformation that Blitz did. The VR38DETT was stripped down and rebuilt with forged internals, which included CP pistons and Carillo H-section connecting rods.””

Why we like it: “”You saw this one coming. The Ben Sopra GT-R has become the most aggressive variant you’ll ever see around the streets. Not just is the aero unique, the engine drivetrain will make any GT-R purist go insane. Previously belonging to Blitz, it absolutely was converted to a RWD platform and designed for 1,000 hp. What’s more exciting is that he has a lot more projects that will be likely to blow our minds.”, though ueda- San definitely made his mark in the aftermarket-tuning world””

Full article: Ben Sopra Nissan GT-R

10 Top Mercedes-Benz AMG Features


What Shelby would be to the Ford Mustang, AMG is to Mercedes-Benz. And while the German automaker has a long history of auto racing, the factory-backed AMG tuner was established below 50 years ago. The AMG insignia signifies the last names of the two founders, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, paired with the German community where it all began: GroBaspach.

Founded about the simple premise of improving the performance of existing Mercedes’ models, AMG has become the premier moniker for the range of coupes, SUVs, sedans and extreme supercars produced by the brand. The inspiration that led Aufrecht and Melcher has driven other tuners to further improve upon the power, luxury and performance of AMG models. Modification breeds more modification and that is seen within this latest list feature.

Based on web-popularity, we made a top 10 of favorite Mercedes-Benz AMG builds with one wild card rounding off the list. Let us know whenever we have missed any below in the comments section. The numbers don’t mean much in writing, but in action they’re enough to launch the Benz to 60mph in 2.8sec, by having an absurd sprint from 60-130mph in 5.98sec…Before forcing nitrous down its throat, the C63 made 530whp and 505 lb-ft on pump gas…With a 200-shot installed, the crimson sedan put down a solid 700whp and a massive 730 lb-ft.

Why we love it: The builder set out to create a unique car that mightA Brand New Dimension

Article excerpt: On your way, the SLS 750 AMG is transformed, the supercharger’s seamless delivery boosting the feel of bottom end strength…The Weistec CMDP system, which is the subject of a Weistec patent, neatly achieves a change in supercharger gearing, and therefore boost pressure, through a change of its cog pulleys.

Why we love it: When you say that’s not enough, most people would take a look at you as if you were crazy.”, Once you add more ability to an already impressive package you get 571hp packed under the long bonnet of the SLS AMG”

Buying a Used Car? Follow These Tips To Make Sure You Get a Good Deal

Many people just can’t afford the price tag on a brand new car (even with the great deals at San Bernardino Nissan), which means that they have to turn to the pre-owned car market when they need to change their set of wheels. Actually, they’ve got some great pre-owned cars there too, check them out at metronissanredlands.com. Anyway, that aside, here are a few tips which can help to ensure that you get a good deal.


Test Driving
You should never buy a used car without going on a test drive, but don’t think that a quick up and down the street will be plenty because it won’t. Take the car onto both local roads and a few highways to see how it feels and handles in different situations. The local roads will help you to know how the car responds at lower speeds with shifts and sharp turns, brakes etc. and taking it for a run on the highway will give you some indication of handling at higher speeds. Pay close attention to any unusual sounds coming from the engine or the bodywork.
Leak Testing
Cars which have pools of leaked fluid beneath them are giving you a red flag that repairs are needed and should be avoided. Remember to pull up onto a clean piece of road when you go for the test drive, sit for a minute or so and then move away to see if anything has leaked out. Black puddles could indicate an oil leak, green puddles could be something like anti-freeze and pink fluid could mean that the transmission is leaking.


Remember to do a little bit of research on the make and model of car you are interested in. The internet is a terrific source of information and you will be able to learn about any common problems and defects on particular makes and models of car. You should also be able to have a good indication of whether the asking price is fair or whether you will be paying too much for the car which will affect its re-sale value down the road.
Mechanical Inspection
Unless you are a qualified mechanic yourself (and if so, why are you reading this?) you should take a car for a mechanical inspection before agreeing to any purchase. The relatively minor cost of this inspection can save you lots of money in the future.
Take Your Time
Don’t jump in too quickly to make any purchase, and this is particularly true when you are buying a used car. If you run to buy you will stand to sell, isn’t that what they say? Make sure that you’ve done lots of research and homework about negotiate the best price you possibly can to make sure that you get a great deal.


History Report
Check the history report of the vehicle, this could reveal any potential problems and queries in its past. The history report will show you if there are any title problems, service points or whether the car has been involved in any previous accidents.
The Aesthetics
At the end of the day, no matter how good a deal you must be completely happy and comfortable with the car. The condition of a car both on the inside and the outside can make a huge difference to the value as well as the way you “”feel”” about the car. Although you may be happy to pay a little less for a car with a fender bender, lots of dirt and rust can indicate problems in the future.

1996 Honda Accord – Follow The Leader


The Accord crowd is an interesting bunch. For as long as Hondas have been modified, the Accord chassis, regardless of generation, has always played the role of underdog. The Civics and Integras have always been the dominant group, and though you don’t see very many of them either, even the Prelude crowd could be considered the more popular of the two when it comes to in-depth builds. There are many factors that give rise to the lack of a larger audience, but the biggest one is probably the undying stigma that this Accord isn’t cool because it is nothing more than a “family car.”

If you really put things into perspective, It’s silly. In the end, Hondas in general start out as economy cars, and none but the NSX or S2000 are really considered true sports cars. Accord builders often say they don’t get a fair shake, and well, it’s true. Enthusiasts who are into the Accord chassis often have to do considerably more to garner the respect of others. Few ever do, however, due to the fact that the Accord can also be one of the entry-level vehicles that younger enthusiasts start out modding. They’re usually hand-me-downs from parents, and as soon as the newbie modder realizes there isn’t much aftermarket support to give their needs, they move on. And they quit on their Accord projects every time they can afford to, the Accord is the revolving door from the Honda community because many young enthusiasts are more adept at complaining than doing something to change the negative views with their otherwise unloved “family car.” Folks are quick to move on when they see greener pastures. That’s why you don’t see highly labor-intensive restoration-type builds with Accords just like you would using awith all the Accord chassis through the bad and good have formed a solid bond. They are only a small percentage, but there are Honda guys around who honestly have a genuine passion for the Accord. And one of the most famous members is Son Vu, also known as user “Special_K.” Vu’s CD7 Accord coupe stands out not merely because of its unique shade of green; additionally it is one of the first from the generation to feature a complete K24A2 swap, these guys congregate on a Honda web forum known as Honda Society. Didn’t know that anyone made K-swap mounts for your Accord? Well, you’re perhaps not the only one. It isn’t as common like a K-swap in one of the more popular platforms, but HaSport has had these engine mounts in production for years now.

Vu’s story starts out much like the other Accord owners; he initially acquired one as being a hand-me-down from one of his siblings. “This coupe may be the second Accord I’ve owned. My first was a four-door LX model that I was driving around back in high school. I started modifying my Accord because I found myself inspired with the cars I saw in Honda Tuning. There were many nights as i just stayed up looking online for parts for my car, and then I had been referred to the Honda Society forums. Getting to know everyone around the forum was great because we all shared a common interest.”

After spending plenty of time with his fellow CD owners, he found himself wanting an Accord coupe. The sportier look appealed to Son, and he later acquired this 1996 Accord LX five-speed, which was black at the time. The motivation to choose a K24 swap rather than the more common H22A came from a ride-along one day in a K20-swapped CRX. He was completely sold on the theory after that and began doing research on his swap. “The (engine) mounts were already on the market, and the information was there, but I ought to admit it was a huge challenge,” Son says. It was actually everything else next really tried my patience, even though “Getting the motor into the car wasn’t too bad. I ended up with two headers that didn’t fit, broken axles, and K-swap products for Civics just didn’t work withCalifornia and Northridge, native had his Accord transported to Church’s where guys there assisted to help him complete the swap as well as dyno-tuning it. With the coupe running smoothly, he knew he were required to make drastic changes for the exterior to take attention to the engine bay. The entire shell was then resprayed within an eye-catching Army green hue from a Toyota FJ Cruiser. To provide contrast to the green, Vu acquired a staggered set of gold 17-inch Gram Lights rollers. Holding the suspension together is a selection of billet-aluminum components from Fat Four Customs; a company focused on manufacturing aftermarket products for that fifth-generation Accords and beyond.

“Building an Accord may be frustrating sometimes, but through an odd swap like this inside an unpopular platform makes it much more unique. I’m proud to be among the first Accord owners to have a K, and I hope I inspire others to do more to their Accords. What motivates me is the overwhelming sense of community that the Accord guys represent. There aren’t too most of us, so our group is tight-knit-it’s almost likeKeep To The Leader

Bolts & Washers



HaSport CDK1 engine mounts

Hondata K-Pro

Custom-fitted Karcepts KN01 K-swap intake

OEM RBB TSX intake manifold

OEM 2005 Accord throttle body

HaSport K-swap exhaust manifold

K-Teller 3-inch steelbetween your fenders of this ’96 Accord coupe.


220 hp and 195 lb-ft torque


D2 coilovers

Suspension Technique front/rear antiroll bars

Wicked Tuning rear camber kit

FFC front strut bar

FFC rear strut bar

FFC rear toe arms

FFC lower control arms

Innovative traction bar


Wilwood front brake rotors

Wilwood front brake calipers

Wilwood front brake pads

Upgraded brake proportioning valve

Accord EX rear disc brake conversion

Wheels & Tires

Front: 17×8 27 Rays Gram Lights 57Pro, 205/40-17 Nitto Neogen

Rear: 17×9 27 Rays Gram Lights 57Pro, 215/40-17 Capitol Sport


Toyota FJ Cruiser Army green paint

Shaved side moldings

Mugen rear spoiler

JDM Accord SiR front lip

JDM Accord window visors

JDM Accord side markers

JDM Accord headlights

JDM Accord foglights

Wald front grille


Recaro Speed seats

Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel

NRG quick-release

NRG short hub

Custom weighted shift knob


Everyone at HondaSociety.com, FatFour Customs.com (FFC), the organizers of CaliAccordMeet, our family, my friends, the Wolfpack, my buddies Christian and SolTroung, Elise and Sol using their newborn, and all sorts ofAdhere To The Leader

Owner Specs

Daily grind

Web/graphic designer

Favorite Site


Screen name


Building Hondas

8 years

Dream car

JTCC Accord

Inspiration just for this build

Buddy rivalry and HondaSociety.com

Future builds

Continue this current build with forced induction

Fat Four Customs

FFC (Fat Four Customs) is a small company originally created to cater to the fifth-generation Accord platform. FFC has since gone on to create a solid catalog of products that weren’t available before to Accord owners, although its first product was a nifty three-point strut bar for your CD chassis. Parts cover anything from something as simple as aluminum fender washers to billet-aluminum lower control arms. Since some parts are cross-generational, FFC has been able to supply newer and older Accords having its products as well. Its website also offers valuable resources like installation instructions and detailed photographs. Be sure to check out www.fatfourcustoms.com if you are along the way of putting your Accord together.

2014 Honda Ridgeline Special Edition First Look


The FactsAs a way to inject some life into its 2014 Ridgeline lineup, Honda has added a top-of-the-line Special Edition model. Expect to see the new 250hp 3.5L V-6 truck to hit dealerships in November with an MSRP of $37,505.

The new Special Edition Ridgeline features a similar black trim found in the Sport model, which consists of a black headlight and brake light housings, black tailgate and black honeycomb grille with black surround. It’s the exclusive 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels with black trimmed spokes and Special Edition badging, along with a standard Navigation System that set it up apart.the same at $37,505, they both include similar features. Both include leather interior, navigation, satellite radio, and rearview camera. There are three color alternatives for the SE, which include white, black, and silver.

For more information, please visit http: //automobiles.honda.com/ridgeline

Never Do These Things on a Road Trip . . . And You’ll Have a Great Time

We’re always reading about the stuff you should do to make something good even better, but how about looking at things from the other angle just for a change? There are some things which you must never do if you want to have a road trip to remember for the right reasons, and here they are.
Don’t leave home in a hurry – okay, it might be good to be spontaneous but realistically, don’t leave home in a mega rush. Make sure that you give yourself at least an hour to make plans before you dive behind the wheel and set off down the road. This will ensure that you’ve got a few essential items with you and your house will be locked and secured before you leave it. Come on, it might not sound like much fun but surely it’s better than getting a couple of hours down the road and remembering that the front door is wide open and you’ve forgotten your contact lens solution.
Don’t binge on too much coffee – this is one of the easiest mistakes to make. You might think that drinking coffee will help you to stay awake but it can also make you jumpy and just a little bit weird . . . which is not good when you’re in close proximity to your friends who have also binged on the caffeine.


Drive the wrong vehicle – the sort of vehicle you take can really help to make or break your road trip. Trying to cram five people into a small vehicle and drive through the night is a recipe for disaster. Take a look at costa mesa fiat for some idea of the type of vehicle you should use in the ideal situation and do your best. Check out www.ocfiat.com for a few examples.


Don’t forget a few snacks – this is another reason why you shouldn’t rush out without a little bit of forward planning. Unless you intend to pull over at every single gas station and truck stop, make sure that you’ve got plenty of snacks with you. Pick your snacks carefully though – ice-cream is a definitely no no and anything which is particularly smelly or messy should also be avoided, particularly if you are all pretty cramped up in the first place.
Speeding is definitely not required – never mind showing off in front of your buddies revving your engine at the lights and doing 360 spins . . . it’s not big and it’s not clever, and it’s certainly not safe. It will end in tears and something getting broken . . . probably the car.


Don’t let the wrong person take charge of the playlist – this is one of the most important makers or breakers when it comes to a successful road trip. The right mix of tunes can help the miles to roll by or seem like an endless journey. The responsibility of playlists should not be given to someone whose idea of good music is the latest film soundtrack or the Carpenters Greatest Hits . . . no offence meant to the Carpenters but you know what I mean. You need a good selection of music for everybody to enjoy rather than the same old stuff on repeat.
Don’t forget to take plenty of breaks – including a night or two in a motel if necessary. It might be tempting to carry on regardless until you reach your destination but if you have a car full of uncomfortable passengers screaming down your ear it’s never going to be a good idea.
Enjoy the journey . . .

2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport – First Drive


We’re often asked about the most popular car but the more cars you drive, the harder it is to reply to that question. So most of us have a dream garage, with perhaps a sports car, SUV, sedan, etc. However, we recently got to drive maybe the only car you’ll ever need:the latest Sport has become closer to the flagship Range Rover, gaining an aluminum bodyshell, suspension and panels, losing about 800 lb in the process (V6 model), being 25% stiffer but having 75% different parts from the 2014 Range Rover.

So while it’s the fastest Land Rover ever built, and gains still another row of seats to satisfy demands for greater capacity, the new Range Rover Sport is the Swiss Army knife of automobiles. It might do absolutely anything.

The problem for Land Rover is how to demonstrate the massive ability of such a flexible vehicle in a few short hours. So we proceeded a relatively great distance tour into Wales enjoying great GT comfort, got sporty around the country roads, accelerated to 150mph on an airfield, did -100-0mph in 17sec, waded via a river, traversed thick muddy trenches, climbed slippery banks, and tackled an obstacle course inside a Jumbo Jet. Yes, you read that right, and can view the video here.

Land Rover pulled out all the stops to get its message out. Driving down and up steep ramps, several storeys high, leaning over at ridiculous angles and showing tremendous wheel articulation, all while passing through the top class cabin of a 747 made the point emphatically.

So if you’re looking for a GT, sports car, off-roader, tow vehicle, family speed and transport demon with fantastic ability in each and every area, may we recommend the 2014 Range Rover Sport?

Originally conceived being an SUV with better road manner compared to the Range Rover, it’s an easy task to forget how good the game can be in difficult conditions. When the water is splashing onto the windows, you know the river is deep, yet the RRS can climb a virtually vertical bank to extricate itself from the water utilizing the same Pirelli M S road tires we will later take to 150mph by using an airport runway. All you need to do is select the correct setting on the Terrain Response 2 system along with the suspension will raise, traction control will adjust, diffs lock; everything operates to guarantee thethe 1st Sport model for its chunky fender flares and no-nonsense attitude, initially feeling this replacement was a little soft. Another restraint and class that perhaps the old car lacked, although in the flesh the latest Range Rover Sport has real presence.

There’s tremendous attention to detail that makes this Sport more intimate. It invites anyone to absorb the intricacies such as the side vents, puddle lights, logo between the doors, headlight surrounds, etc.

Inside, they’ve gone other way, mimicking the Range Rover and reducing the number of switches and buttons. Most features are now centered on the nav screen, with the Terrain Response selector by the shift lever.

2014 land rover range rover sport supercharged airplane

2014 land rover range rover sport supercharged interior

2014 land rover range rover sport supercharged inside plane

The shifter allows you to access the new eight-speed automatic transmission, which is a peach. It’s made use of by several other manufacturers and could be the best auto in the business. The shifts are crisp and instantaneous, it always seems to be within the correct gear, and you’ve got paddles if you’re feeling sporty.

Having been place on a strict aluminum diet, the 2014 Range Rover Sport feels almost agile for a 5100 lb SUV (V8 model). This is also due to its lightweight independent suspension components and advanced technology such as air aprings each and every corner that help to keep the auto level but additionally assist in providing up to 21 of wheel travel to cushion any blows or overcome virtually any obstacle.

When driving off-road, the electrical, variable-ratio, speed-sensitive steering means you always have what you need. At high speed, they have weight and accuracy; while rock-crawling, it has quick responses but won’t kick-back in your handshas a Dynamic Mode for on-road behavior that provides a firmer ride with less body roll and sportier steering, making it feel less of a sports utility vehicle and more such as a GT. And when this is partnered with Dynamic Response active lean control, Dynamic Active Rear Locking Differential, plus Torque Vectoring by Braking, a blindfolded passenger would never know you were in a Range Rover. It drives a lot more like a sports vehicle, with its (optional) 155mph top speed, plus incredibly powerful braking due to six-piston Brembos up front.

Each one of these systems operate seamlessly, making it possible to hustle a really heavy car through a few of the trickiest roads in Wales, with only free-ranging sheep to worry about. On these roads, the surface might be far from ideal, but the Adaptive Dynamics kept varying the damper rates to absorb all but the worst imperfections. If you over-cook it, the Torque Vectoring also helps considerably by applying capacity to the outside wheels to aid turn-in, with the e-diff ready to element of.

So although this SUV drives better than most cars, it’s only tickling the surface of the iceberg underneath. The off-road ability is immense and Terrain Response 2 could there be to help you. Set it manually and it knows what to expect, although leave it in auto and also the car will calculate what’s best. The device works with another raft of assistance technologies that are again seamlessly integrated, with possibly the Hill Descent control the only person you really notice as you plummet down a near-vertical cliff to your death. Except the device uses the gearing and brakes to ensure you float on daisies to land within a blanket of feathers, or more it seemed…Similar to the Range Rover, the air intake draws from your hood shut lines, therefore the wading depth has been increased by 6 to an impressive 33.5 for the global-warming flood you might now be, or soon be, experiencing.

The SE model starts at $63495 and comes with the sweet 3.0L supercharged V6 found in the Jaguar XJ, XF and F-Type,. That may be for people wanting to get into the new 2014 Range Rover Sport on a budget, the good news. Boasting 340hp, it’s superior to the naturally aspirated 5. V8 within the old Sport, sprinting to 60mph in 6.9sec (.3sec quicker) and will be 27% cheaper as well.

European drivers will enjoy diesel and even a diesel-hybrid model to save them more money on the pumps. There’s also a petrol-hybrid coming, which might reach the US one day.

Those with larger families can also rejoice at the third-row seating that will provide temporary perches for little ones. Additionally, it folds flat at the touch of a button for convenience. The auto is 7 longer from the wheelbase than before, increasing rear passenger space.and also the Evoque’s comprehensive options list setting a new trend to the company, Sport customer have thousands of combinations. These include 19 paint options, three roof colors, 11 interior color themes with increased seats colors, four aluminum and three wood trims, 19-22 wheel options, black exterior trim and a Dynamic Pack on the top V8 models that brings color-matched exteriors plus more interior options.

Whatever colors you choose, this can be a handsome car with a lavish interior it is possible to spend hours inside. The 14-way adjustable seats were always comfortable, especially when covered with the soft leather of our own test car. The tactile trim rewards the fingers with aluminum and wood, while the eyes fall upon luxury not often seen fording a deep river. Yet with triple seals on the doors, no water gets in, which is as well since you wouldn’t would like to damage the 27 speakers in the top-flight Meridian sound system!approximately 7700 lb and is available with Tow Assist and Trailer Stability Assist so even a rookie can get the job done.

Found ourselves constantly amazed at the product range Rover Sport’s immense ability and flexibility, although we spent two days in a car we’d previously enjoyed. Were able to imagine a few uses we’d never previously considered?, even though we couldn’t imagine just one scenario where this vehicle wouldn’t be up to the work?

Is this really the only car you’d ever need? If you can only have one car from the garage, this can be the best one out there for each and every occasion because, while the Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5M might be as competent on-road, neither will live with the product range Rover Sport off it, though absolutely not.

2011 Honda CR-Z – Like A Virgin


Lets be honest readers…this platform has definitely received its fair share of discrepancies within the last few years, and then for obvious reasons for that matter-low power, unfamiliar hybrid engine and untraditional styling. Though the CR-Z is still a comparatively new platform, it has already fallen in to the ranks of the age-old debate of “Hot or Not”-but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no hope for the little hybrid that could. And while the majority of enthusiasts are still sitting back trying to puzzle out what Honda had in mind with this little platform, or what the hell they’re supposed to do with it, Bryan Bui of Houston, TX continues to be falling deeply in love and pushing his new daily driver into a level many people thought would never be possible.

As many individuals know (or feel), the CR-Z fell utterly short of resembling its proposed predecessor (the CRX)- yet, that doesn’t mean it’s a completely bad-looking car. Somewhat Hybrid-esque? You betcha-but that’s nothing a little bit proper aftermarket aero can’t fix, right? First things first, a full C-west body kit was installed to aid break out of the pack of econo-getters. To bump up the aggression, a staggered set of Desmond Regamaster Promadas were added along with a pair ofSuch As A Virgin

With the styling issues complete, the time had come to tackle the power plant. Again, being a relatively new, untouched platform, Bryan was left with seldom options while seeking the improvements he desired. That was, before the day he was offered a JDM Top Secret 1.5 stage turbo directly from the legendary owner of Top Secret himself, Smoky Nagata. Lucky guy, ay? Buying the kit straight out of Smoky’s trunk in a Houston car show, Brian and some friends quickly pieced together the setup while cautiously working out the minor JDM/USDM conversion tweaks. After completing the install, the car was left to Johnny Tran of JTran Studios for an entire Hondata ECU flash and turbo tune. With all said and done, the new kit and tune increased hp nearly 100% from factory-all while still maintaining a day-to-day driver friendly 33 mpg. Oh, and just in case Bryan starts flying off the wheel with his newly-found boost, a StopTech big brake kit was included with squeal the sale.

Still wanting to show the car’s true potential while keeping the JDM theme, the interior received a whole makeover flaunting a set of DC5 Recaros together with various other interior pieces being wrapped in Recaro fabric. Using the essentials, Bryan strayed into new territory once again and have become one of the first to set up an Cusco rollcage within his CR-Z. To top it all off, several extra Mugen accents and a set of Takata harnesses as well as the package is complete.

From go-getter to heavy-hitter, the CR-Z will continue to produce waves in our community-and with experimental enthusiasts venturing from the norm like Bryan Bui, we feel this platform may just have a chance.