Never Do These Things on a Road Trip . . . And You’ll Have a Great Time

We’re always reading about the stuff you should do to make something good even better, but how about looking at things from the other angle just for a change? There are some things which you must never do if you want to have a road trip to remember for the right reasons, and here they are.
Don’t leave home in a hurry – okay, it might be good to be spontaneous but realistically, don’t leave home in a mega rush. Make sure that you give yourself at least an hour to make plans before you dive behind the wheel and set off down the road. This will ensure that you’ve got a few essential items with you and your house will be locked and secured before you leave it. Come on, it might not sound like much fun but surely it’s better than getting a couple of hours down the road and remembering that the front door is wide open and you’ve forgotten your contact lens solution.
Don’t binge on too much coffee – this is one of the easiest mistakes to make. You might think that drinking coffee will help you to stay awake but it can also make you jumpy and just a little bit weird . . . which is not good when you’re in close proximity to your friends who have also binged on the caffeine.


Drive the wrong vehicle – the sort of vehicle you take can really help to make or break your road trip. Trying to cram five people into a small vehicle and drive through the night is a recipe for disaster. Take a look at costa mesa fiat for some idea of the type of vehicle you should use in the ideal situation and do your best. Check out for a few examples.


Don’t forget a few snacks – this is another reason why you shouldn’t rush out without a little bit of forward planning. Unless you intend to pull over at every single gas station and truck stop, make sure that you’ve got plenty of snacks with you. Pick your snacks carefully though – ice-cream is a definitely no no and anything which is particularly smelly or messy should also be avoided, particularly if you are all pretty cramped up in the first place.
Speeding is definitely not required – never mind showing off in front of your buddies revving your engine at the lights and doing 360 spins . . . it’s not big and it’s not clever, and it’s certainly not safe. It will end in tears and something getting broken . . . probably the car.


Don’t let the wrong person take charge of the playlist – this is one of the most important makers or breakers when it comes to a successful road trip. The right mix of tunes can help the miles to roll by or seem like an endless journey. The responsibility of playlists should not be given to someone whose idea of good music is the latest film soundtrack or the Carpenters Greatest Hits . . . no offence meant to the Carpenters but you know what I mean. You need a good selection of music for everybody to enjoy rather than the same old stuff on repeat.
Don’t forget to take plenty of breaks – including a night or two in a motel if necessary. It might be tempting to carry on regardless until you reach your destination but if you have a car full of uncomfortable passengers screaming down your ear it’s never going to be a good idea.
Enjoy the journey . . .